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No Favicon?


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Is there a way to set up a Favicon for Hornbill? We've got shortcuts to our instance of Hornbill (created from within Internet Explorer) but the icon is showing up as a white box with the blue E in it (Internet Explorer).

When I was using Google Chrome I set up the shortcut with the following icon (not sure where I got it from, I think it was on the wiki)

Can someone advise?




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Hi @Dan Munns

This is what I did but sadly I do not have any icon :( For other websites an icon appears but not Hornbill. (I can see the Hornbill icon for this forum on my IE11 Tab)



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Looking at the this webpage source the .ico is held here: https://forums.hornbill.com/uploads/monthly_2016_05/favicon.ico.58a92a27cbf3c45abe941e36742491a7.ico 

If you go to the link it will show the icon although if you download it and try to use at as an .ico it says it contains no icons

Even if I manually create the shortcut (right click>new shortcut) I get a white page icon with the favicon in the middle so you should definitely be able to get it.

Although if the original .ico is just a renamed .bmp file they wont always work correctly as they are not true .ico files so this may be the reason.

I think you are going to have to change the icon manually unfortunately.


[EDIT] Looks like it is a renamed .bmp as if I rename it back to the .bmp is shows correctly as an image. You could try downloading it, renaming it to .bmp and uploading it to somewhere like http://www.favicon.cc/ to create a true .ico file which you can then use to manually set the icon for the shortcut.

Also, for interest, what IE version you using?

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