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New Calls Open but not Actioned


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Further to this related Post below, all our Requests show as Open so it is very difficult to distinguish between New Requests versus Pending Requests.

Is there any way to create a View to show all new Requests that have not been actioned by the analysts please as we are missing our SLA's due to the status only showing the Requests as Open.  Our analysts have in excess of 300 open requests which is why we are finding it difficult to distinguish easily between the 2.  We do not use Widgets at the moment.


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 thanks for your post.

I frequently incorporate the "New" status in my BPM's to facilitate better visibility of requests that were recently logged. There is a Automated operation that can set the status of a request to "New". If this is placed at the very beginning of a BPM the status will be immediately set and the calls will be available to view in the "New" filter of the request list. If you then incorporate a second automated operation (somewhere after your response event) to set the status to "Open" this will move the request into the "Open" filter on the request when this point in your workflow is reached.

In this manner, you can be assured that anything with a status of New has not yet had its response marked.

Alternatively, the request list can be sorted by response target (if you select it as a requests list display column) which should show the requests that are closest to breaching.

I hope that helps.

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