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New Release: Hornbill ESP (2625)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest version of Hornbill ESP (2625) has been released to live.

Release Notes for this release are as follows:


  • Added basic security event logging in advance of admin tool update for security event reporting
  • The through-stack trace now includes the query name for data::queryExec
  • indexer::indexSearch now returns the total number of items found that match the search criteria
  • indexer::indexSearch now returns information about how long the index search took to execute
  • Added options to set default view in Collaboration Core
  • espquery - admintoolGetEntityViewState - to fetch view state of an entity
  • Added translations for admin tool appstore app subscription table
  • Optimized performance for activityStreamQuery where a large number of comments were present
  • The operation indexer::indexSearch has been limited to return a maximum of 500 items in a single API call, you can use paging read out larger result sets.
  • There is better range checking on indexer::indexSearch operation.
  • Some searches were taking a large amount of time to process and were running slowly with high CPU usage. This was caused by unneeded processing of search results. Very significant performance improvements on large data sets have been made
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