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Applying User rights


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Morning, we have added the Timesheet Manager app to our Organisation but it will not allow me to add the User rights to a user as it says   Error2
No rights on application com.hornbill.timesheetmanager    any advise on where we are going wrong?

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If you would login as an Administrator you wouldn't have this problem however there is an option to add yourself a temporary permission to assign a role even if you don't have it yourself.

The way to do that:

1. In the Admin Tool, go to Home -> System -> Settings -> Advanced

2. Search for the setting security.roles.grantRights copy the current value aside as you will have to revert that change when you finish

3. Change it to TimesheetManager User

4. Now you should be able to assign the Role to the user.

5. Go to the the same System setting and revert your change to the previous value.


Hope this helps,


Thank you,


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I'm glad it worked.

By saying Module, you mean the Timesheet Manager App?

Since is still in Beta state we don't have documentation for this yet.

To guide you a bit, you need to go and start by adding Categories and Sub Categories. To do that you need to be a Group Manager (in the Admin Tool go to Home -> System -> Organisational Data -> Organisation)

Once you have the categories configured you can set some default ones in the same screen to avoid the need of setting each time.

Now you can go to My Timesheet and add times. You can also set these against Activities when you complete one. We will soon have the Service Manager using the Timesheet functionality to track time against a Request.

Let me know if you need more help.

Good luck,


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