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error when logging into the portal


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Hi Guys,


I was wandering if anyone has seen the below error message and can give us any pointers on how to fix? or where we can look (logs etc) for any further diagnostic information,

we are using single-sign-on - there seems to be no pattern to users getting this error message, its got us stumped at the minute,




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We do see this at our site - frustrating for the customer trying to log a ticket. We have to shut down all the tabs/windows associated with that browser and sometimes clear the temp internet files to get the url to work. Alternatively we use a secondary browser (firefox or chrome) which should work immediately.

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We have experienced issues with cookies in the past where someone logs in to the service portal under one user account but then logs into the Admin portal under a different account.  The browser can only have one active session with Hornbill and when connected under two different user account, one of the sessions can be closed.

@Gary@ADL I would be interested to know the circumstances under which you experience this?  Are these your end users that only connect to the service portal who are experiencing this or does this just happen to those that possibly have access to Administration or the full Hornbill Client and are maybe testing the service portal with another user account, such as a test account?



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clearing the cache/cookies worked for my test user,


to be honest I didn't try this initially, as we use a citrix environment balanced across multiple servers, and internet history is not (or I didn't think) was stored for the user.


James - these are all end users experiencing this issue, they also would all only have access to the service portal, (some of them logging onto it for he first time),




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