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Customer Update Notifications


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Forgive me for asking a silly question but i can not find where i enable this.

When a customer or other engineer updates a ticket my system does not notify the owner(Engineer) by email. I have checked all of the settings on https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Notifications which do appear to be working but do not cover update notifications?

Can you point me to some docs 




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Hi @Ralf Peters

Glad you are making some progress with this, and because you have received email notifications from email updates indicates that you have the correct mail settings in place.

In regards to updates received from the portals, there are in fact two too consider, which i have included below.  The first is invoked if the their is an owner assigned to the request which is updated from the portals, the second is invoked if the request which is updated via the portal is still assigned at the team level, and does not have a specific owner. 

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 20.39.02.png

Could you confirm if these are both set to either bothor email-only so that we should expect emails to be received regardless if the request updated is owned, or still assigned just to the team?

If this does not help, perhaps you could change the settings to hornbill-only and see if you receive hornbill notifications about the portal updates and we can try and see if there is an issue with the email aspect. 

Let me know how you get on


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hi @steven boardman,

i have tried all of them   , email-only, both , hornbill only ---   and I have not received any  notifications .


i noticed that comapred to the wiki , i do not have the




setting on my system ?





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Hi @Ralf Peters

I've just checked and you are running the latest build, and having tested this on my instance the notifications are coming through as expected.  

I have set these to hornbill-only as a test for the portals and see the following, you don't get these?

 Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 12.09.52.png

Is the analyst you are testing the notifications with a member of a team, or the owner of a request which the customer is updating from?

I have tested updates as new posts on the request, comments to existing posts and adding of attachments from the portal and these all send through the notifications if the above settings are set to Hornbill-only, just trying to ascertain this, as we can exclude email configuration issues initially with these tests, but if you are not getting hornbill notification then we need to find out why this is the case?

The email settings are not there currently, as we have reverted to using a default template whilst we await some changes in the backend to better support the templates going forward, so don't worry about these not being there as a cause. 



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