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Customer Portal - Organisation Request not showing for users who have not logged a request

Martyn Houghton

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On the Customer Portal when a user is setup to be able to view organisation requests, they can only access the request logged under services where they have previousley logged a request themseleves as the 'Requests' tab will not appear.

This appears to be down the the logic being used to determine if the 'Requests' tab should appear under a service when the user selects it. It will only display the tab if said current user has logged a request under that service before, even if others within the organisation have logged incidents under the service.

The Request Tab logic either needs to includes a different selection criteria when the user has the organisation view option ticked, or the Request Tab just needs to appear whether there has been any logged at all.

As we have a large volume of services this is quite an issue as the case where the current user has not logged a request in all the services there colleagues in the same organisation will have. Also for 'Manager' users who do not log requests themselves but want an overview of the requests logged with us from their organisation will not be able to see any.




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