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Double tickets created


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Good morning,

We seem to have an issue where there are two exactly the same request created. This happend now twice with the same agent but with different customers. For now I've only see it happen with service requests.

Kind regards,




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Hi Mark,

This will require further investigation. To help with this, are you able to answer the following:

Do you know how these requests were being raised? Is the agent raising the Service Request from Email, Autoresponder, Linked from another Request, Manually?

Did the agent use a Service Catalog Item? Did the agent use a quick log template?


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Hi Ryan,

These requests have been raised by the agent manually by clicking the create new request button. I've heared it also happend when a request was created via an email but I do not have an example for this.

The request was creatred using a service catalog item. Which we use for all random requests. No quick log template was used.


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Guest Ehsan

Hi @m.vandun,

Apologies for getting back to you after a long time. I'm looking into this issue at the moment and I'm not able to recreate the reported behaviour. Unfortunately we do not have a lot to go ahead with. I presume that this could've been caused by subsequently clicking the "Finish" button through the Progressive Capture form and hence multiple Requests were raised. Since October 2016, we undertook a number of performance improvements within the product and I wonder whether those improvements helped to address this issue. I was wondering if your agents are still experiencing this behaviour?




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