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First Time Fix reporting

Helen Slater

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Hi - I am very new to this site so not sure of there is a list anywhere of possible answers to my query anyway!

I need to find a way of producing a accurate first time fix percentage for my staff - currently we report on calls closed divided by calls logged. But the calls logged include calls that are assigned to other teams whereas I want calls that my team log and close within the Service Desk. Ie someway of capturing only calls that do not go out of the Service Desk group.

Not sure if I am making much sense here - but anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Helen,

Before I see if I can help with this one, can I just clarify your requirement here:

1) You have a team called Service Desk - and you want to only report on requests that have been closed by the Service Desk? (Hornbill doesn't actually stored the "Logged By Team" - as in Analysts can be members of multiple teams so the system would not know which team to record. Though we DO record the source of the call e.g. via the phone, via the portal, via an email, so this could be used if it helps?)

2) What about request has been logged by the Service Desk, assigned to another team, reassigned to the Service Desk and then closed? Would that count as a first time fix in your current system?

3) What date range are you looking at (calls logged per day, week, month etc)

Kind Regards


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