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New Release: Hornbill ESP (2607)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest version of Hornbill ESP (2607) has been released to live.

Release Notes for this release are as follows:


  • new table h_sys_entityviewer_states to store entity viewer info for app / entity
  • The service will no longer defer application cache reloads because of locking, application caches will be reloaded instantly.
  • Application cache has been re-implemented with a lock-free scheme to remove the possibility of an application context from being reloaded after an update. Previously in some rare cases, an application update would fail to apply roles and rights properly after an update because of application resource locking which would require people to log out and back in again, this is now no longer required.
  • getApplicationStrings logs the queried strings if no matches found
  • Depreciated the operations admin::devAppLock and admin::devAppUnlock as these are no longer used or relevant to the platform operation
  • The operation admin::getEntityList now correctly excludes special items when the option is set to do so
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