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I have set up the new feedback options in Admin, however when you go to add feedback to a job in the service portal the feedback window opens with no questions and no star rating fields.

As far as I can tell its set up correctly, can anyone see any reasons why it would no be working?



Blank feedback.JPG

feedback config.JPG

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Hi @armandoDM,

I have tried this in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox and I am getting the same issues in both, as are other people in my department.

As far as the settings in the admin tool, I have attached an image, but I have not changed any of these.

Ive tried clearing the cache, closing the browser and restarting anything and no luck, I've also got my colleague to do the same.

We have also tested it on a different machine and get the same results.


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Hi @Graham1989,

Thank you for sharing a screenshot of your Settings.

We would like to explore this problem and assist you to resolve it as soon as possible. This appears to be specific to your data and we would like to get a better understanding of this. To help us investigate this further, could you please raise a request with our Support Team? You could do this via https://www.hornbill.com/request/ Webform.



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