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Pie chart segments/ plotting data

Bowler Eggs-YK

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I have just come across the new chart functionality. I have created a pie chart to show tickets closed within the year defined by users created them. You have the option to show the legend which is great although the pie chart itself is very small which i believe has been flagged up by other members in other news feeds.

Within this pie chart display box I can then select the individual team members from the legend and this segment become detached from the pie chart which is a great feature, however when i save this and view it in the charts page the pie chart section previously detached now not showing and is inline with the other segments. When I then try and re-select the individual user it then just takes me back to the raw data and does not allow me to detach the segment as previously done.

Also and i have to admit I have not looked into this too deeply at this stage but is there going to be functionality to have multi pal data display for example a line chart or the ability to have multiple chart options to allow us to cross reference performance based on data out comes for example changes that have been successful compared to failure within certain time restraints?

Pie chart in dashboard.JPG

Pie chart.JPG

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