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Documentation incorrect?

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I'm looking at the details for assets and when I use a getEntityRecord for the class Asset, or AssetComputer etc. I get returned slightly different data than is documented.

The documentation (here) lists:

usedById xs:string optional The userid of the user who uses the asset.
usedByName xs:string optional The name of the user of the asset.
usedByType xs:string optional The user type of the asset. (0 = coworker, 1= contact)

But getEntityRecord only returns 'h_used_by' and 'h_used_by_name'. Where h_used_by is the urn format.


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When accessing an entity directly the input and output is directly mapped to the Database Column names, when you access a flowcode like addAssetComputer the inputs are defined by out application team in an effort to try and make a friendly interface this is why the flowcode inputs may not necessarily match up with what you are expecting when you access an entity directly.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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