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Hi Guys - can anyone help with some email template issues we are having? im not sure if im missing something or not looking in the right place?


im looking to change the email we receive when a call is auto-updated via email, so ive gone in my templates folder, and found the one I think it is, but this isn't reflected in the actual email im receiving? am I looking in the wrong place?


also, note the email comes from the address noreply@live.hornbill.com,  whereas our 'normal' emails (new call logged, call updated, call resolved), all come from servicedesk.alexander-dennis.com?


has anyone had similar? im not sure if possibly the auto-replies are coming from server-side and so I need to update the templates in a different place? or even if we have a mailbox setup wrong somewhere, as  ideally we'd like all our emails coming from servicedesk@alexander email address?







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This is effectively a system update that's being sent via email and these do not currently support email templates. Because we can't guarantee that rights to the relevant mailbox are available to the person or 'thing' performing the update, that would cause the notifications to appear to be intermittent, which is why we send the emails in this way.

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We are seeing the occasional email (from noreply@live.hornbill.com) where I wouldn't have expected an email.

For example - "Request IN00014986 has been assigned to you", when I checked this incident it was never assigned to me.

Any idea's why this is happening (3 times so far). We have updated to 2.32 and enabled notifications on all via email.


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If it was a team notification, wouldn't the template mention team somewhere....checking the times it appears the tickets are in hand to staff (ie not unassigned) when the notifications get sent.

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So previous to last weeks update. my analysts could see the following, when a user emailed in: (See "Previous" Image)  Which came from our trusted email address with a specific/descriptive name. 


Now my analyst see: (See "Now" image)  Which comes from an untrusted "NoReply" generic email address, and holds no useful information. 


How can I get this email notification back to being one that's helpful? 

Thank you in advance, 




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Great - please check  ticket IN00014986  which I got an email. I found one problem was a analyst had my email address as his (hence the notifications for his calls). But I could find the reason for the below one.


From: helpdesk [mailto:support-lbdigitalservices@live.hornbill.com]
Sent: 19 September 2016 2:04 PM
To: Gani, Nasim
Subject: Request IN00014986 has been assigned to you

Request IN00014986 Specialist Software has been assigned to you.
Kind Regards,

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@Gary@ADL @ojenkins (and of course to everyone else interested by this), to detail on the explanation from @cchana, in latest Service Manager we introduced a new or changed functionality for internal email notifications. These notification are now done or managed by a different API call. Using this "new" API the system will always have the necessary rights to perform updates and send notifications - this caters for several defects identified in Service Manager including request updates made by AutoResponder and email notifications for portal updates. The first step was to redesign the notification system to use this API so basic notification functionality is restored - which is what it is now in Service Manager 2.32. The next step is to improve this API to be able to handle email templates so these notifications can be customised.

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