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Remove All button and restore button


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Thanks for your response.

We are investigating an enhancement to Apply to Request option within emails, in order to provide the capability to remove unwanted attachments (i.e. email signatures). As for raising a new request, we provide a Progressive Capture form to control the attachments (as per your screenshot). 

I will have a chat with team Hornbill regarding the options to 'Remove All' and 'Restore All', although there may be a concern around the feasibility of this. I would like to add though, if you have accidently removed an attachment, cancelling the form and raising from the email again should bring back all your attachments.



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Appreciate that can be done however very annoying having to go back, in terms of the removal of attachments would it be more feisable to remove but not commit the removal till the capture has finished like the attachments become grayed out and you are able to undo the remove?

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