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Progressive Capture


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Whilst capturing data we would like to be able to select from a list of users.

For example a manager may be requesting new equipment for a member of their staff. There doesn't appear a way to capture this other than free typing.


It would be handy to have either a list (probably a bit long winded) or one of the fancy user typeahead pickers.

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Hi swcbc

We have a defined development planned to allow you to add 'Connections' to a request as a progressive capture form.  This will extend on the existing ability to add a connection from the request form itself. 

This will be a progressive capture form with most likely the user picker, and the ability to add the connection type for the user (impacted, interested, on behalf of etc - the connection types are already definable via the simply lists in Service Manager).

This is not currently in our 90 day development window, but once it has progressed i will update the post





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hi @Steven Boardman


I realise that this thread hasn't been updated in a while, but have there been any updates on this request for a user picker in the Progressive Capture forms?

We also have a requirement for a 'log on behalf of' option (for instance we have PA's who might be asked to log a call on a Director's behalf). Another instance might be being able to pick a user (or users) from a list when someone is creating a request to gain access to a network folder. It would be useful to be able to choose people from a list rather than type their names in freehand - with so many internal customers we do have the chance of more than one person having the same name so giving an option to choose from a list would make things less likely to go wrong!





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12 minutes ago, Steven Boardman said:

Hi @Paul Alexander

I've just checked and this development story is still outstanding and has not yet been scheduled.  I have added you as an interested party and this in turn helps to move it forward in the priority list.

As soon as this is scheduled i will post back to let you know


Hi Steve, can you add me too? Thanks

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1 hour ago, Steven Boardman said:

@samwoo done

Just to reiterate, getting community support for features really helps us prioritise the order and which one's we can add in so thanks for adding your support on this one 


Cheers @Steven Boardman

Is there a story regarding the following (re my idea for Connections to be able to view tickets in the Portal):

If so could that be linked to the story related to this topic? (as you say in the other post, it could be a natural evolution of this one)

Many thanks,


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