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Auto respond keeps updating


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@m.vandun you have an infinite loop between routing rules and email update notifications. Here is what happens:

  1. An email arrives in support mailbox and routing rules start processing it;
  2. Routing rules match a request update so the email update is applied to the request;
  3. An email notification is sent to the email address of the request owner that his request has been updated.


The loop happens because the owner is a generic support engineer with the same email address as the mailbox. Because the notification is sent to this email address, it triggers step 1 and 2 going to an infinite loop. You need to break this loop by either doing one of the following:

  • have a different email address for the generic request owner;
  • have a different email template/message/subject that won't trigger the automatic update;
  • amend the routing rule to not apply this kind of update to the request.
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