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Improved Customer Feedback


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Hi All

Great improvement with the new Customer Feedback.

I just have a couple of questions/Improvements

  1. Is there a way the analyst/manager can be notified when a customer provides some feedback, especially if poor so we can respond.
  2. Can we re-start the current number of calls awaiting feedback, as the number is high and might put people of starting to use this feature.
  3. How does a manager access the feedback data to report on?



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Hi Adam


Thanks for the feedback, suggestions.  

As with all of the new features this is the next step on the evolution of this functionality and it will continue to evolve - so all feedback welcome on how it can be more useable :)

In terms of reporting on the feedback you can create reports using the advanced analytics, and reports and most of what you will need is in the h_itsm_request_feedback table, or the h_itsm_requests table (feedback request status, and  star rating are held here).

Just a quick example from my demo instance of some feedback widgets on a dashboard


Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 10.40.21.png

Hope this helps 




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