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Hi Mark (@m.vandun),

Thank you for your post!

Currently, through the Administration Tool, Sites are configured as below.

  • In a User Account, you can associate a single Site within the Location section.
  • In an Organisation, you cannot associate a Site but you can select Company as the Organisation type.
  • In a Site record, if you have an Organisation of type Company, then you can associate a single Site.

In order to achieve your requirement, you would have to associate the same Company within each Site record individually (i.e. Open SiteA record and associate CompanyA and then open Site2 record and associate CompanyA and etc.)

Although you can associate Site to Organisational data as above, they are considered as records of their own. For example, in an Asset form, you can associate Sites regardless of the association with Organisational data although if you do select a Company, then the Sites list will be filtered.

Could you please let me know if I have understood your scenario correctly? If not, could you please elaborate.





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Hi Ehsan,

Unfortunately this is not what I was looking for.

In the organisations overview, or in the detailed info of an organisation I would like to see associated locations. Especially the companies where the name of the individual site is different than the rest of the locations this is important information.

Kind regards,


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