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Our instance isn't wirking

Guest Adrian Hodgson

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Sorry to hear that your having problems. Ive looked at the server and although your instance was taking a large amount of RAM about 30 minutes ago, it seems to have settled down. From the logs I can see users logged it and performing actions. Can you confirm that you are still having issues?

As for the reason why the RAM was high, the logs state that an analyst was processing an attachment with large number of attachments, but I will need our development team to investigate further. 

Look forward to your response.

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson

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@Adrian Hodgson once again apologies for the glitches you experienced with Hornbill instance yesterday. As @Keith Stevenson said, your instance experienced a high resource usage which lead to Hornbill services crashing or being restarted on two occasions. We tried to minimise the disruption and we understand that your have a busy period. Our platform developers are now analysing the data and from what we can see the issue seems to be caused by a large number of email attachments processed by Hornbill. Once we have the confirmation for the root cause our developers will work on some measures to prevent the disruptions to happen in the future. We will update you more once we have more information on this.

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