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Separate Emails for Users and Guests

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As part of our BPM, when we resolve a call it sends an email to the customer to notify them. This email has links to the portal so that the customer can go in and update/leave feedback etc.

Does anybody know of a way that we can get the BPM to recognise if the customer is a user account or a guest account and then send a different email template. This would mean that we can have customised links to either the service portal or the customer portal depending on the type of user.

I have had a look at doing this with a decision but could not find a suitable parameter.

Any ideas?



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@Graham1989 not possible currently, as you can't get this information from the relevant table, the BPM does not know "how to query it". But this is an interesting idea and I can see it would be useful... Until such a functionality will be introduced, perhaps I can suggest an alternative using snippets. Is it something I actually do for request resolution.


I have to snippets as resolution emails, one pointing to customer portal, other to services portal. The snippets are using variables so I do not have to type in the request reference for example. When the request can be resolved, I open the email dialog, activate the relevant snippet then copy/paste the text into the resolution box.

I know, not the most elegant or automated solution, it woudl also require some manual work for analysts but I thought it might help.

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