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Service portal UI issue


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Just noticed something odd on the service portal. I have a catalog item with a long title (meaningful for users). See below the configuration (image config-1.png):  config-1.png

But when I go on the portal itself, I cannot see the full title!


If the description is too long to be displayed in the tile, a "Show More" button appears. If I click on it, I can then see the title:


Otherwise, you jump straight into the progressive capture.

From my experience, there is a problem here. Either the size of the field "title" for the catalog item should be restricted so that it can rendered properly on the portal, or the portal needs to accommodate the size of the title. Can you please have a look?



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Thanks for your post and your feedback.  In our current implementation we did want to allow for longer names so, as you say, a longer more meaningful title could be used.  I believe that restricting the size of this field so the output is contained on the single line in the card would also restrict the use of these meaningful titles.  With this in mind we purposely left this size as being bigger.

In the UI we had a choice of allowing the display of the full title if it was longer than the width of the card or adding an ellipse to show that there was more to read.  Showing the full title would have resulted in cards of different sizes or the reduction of how much we show of the description.  We had decided on using the ellipse and to maintain the title on a single line with the option of the Show More  to see any additional information.

From your post however, I do see that there is an issue where the title is too long and the Show More is not available.  This is a scenario that was overlooked.  I will have a defect raised so we can determine the best approach to address this.



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@Lyonel you can report this to support team but we won't be able to log an incident I'm afraid. The issue you experience here is not caused by a defect is how the system is designed, even if this design might be here and there slightly flawed. So, to "fix" this, current functionality needs to be changed rather than fixed so our product managers woudl need to have a look at this and see if and how this can be changed :) 

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