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New Release: Hornbill ESP (2592)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest version of Hornbill ESP (2592) has been released to live.

Release Notes for this release are as follows:


  • Added new operation admin::webhookGetEventSourceList which returns a definitive list of available web hooks
  • Added new operation system::subscriptionCheck which is used by Hornbill Subscription Manager application to perform ad-hoc subscription status and audits
  • Enforcement of application subscriptions is now applied for all applications
  • Session caching now handled by HTTP2MEM distributed cache implementation
  • Added experimental flag to enable the new email view
  • Update Admin Tool Initial Loader
  • Added operation admin::appSubscriptionGetUsage
  • The system setting subscription.application.allocateOnLogin has been added. This is set to true by default and will allow subscriptions to be allocated automatically when a user that has been granted rights to an application first logs on.
  • The following operations have been added


  • Expanded XML Schema for Entity definitions to include new options
  • Expanded the entity definitions to include an option to disable entity web hooks. The default value if not specified is to enable web hooks, see Task entity.xml definition for further information and example
  • Adding application subscription enforcement to app store, it is no longer possible to install apps that require a subscription without having a subscription or trial applied to your instance
  • The system no longer merges application strings definitions with core string definitions
  • The operation session::getApplicationList now returns all installed applications when the user account is at privilege level admin
  • Flagged deprecated API's in the API documentation. admin::roleGetLibResourceList, admin::roleSetLibResource, admin::roleDeleteLibResource. These operations are no longer required
  • The operation data::autoValueGetNext has a new optional input parameter that allows you to specify the seed date/time value when generating a autoVal that includes date/time parts. This option is only useful for testing and validation of the auto sequence generation function.
  • userAddRole silently ignores duplicate roles instead of throwing and error
  • mail::getMailboxList returns a new isDefault parameter for the default email address
  • Expanded system::releaseNotesGet API to include a result param indicating if there are more release note items available beyond the current result set
  • User Subscriptions are now enforced at login
  • Email counters are now returning also counter per mailbox for the user
  • Hiding Progressive Capture and BPM from Admin tool for the Collaboration App
  • Application subscriptions are now enforced at login.


  • Issue where an exception was thrown when opening the admin tool with no Applications Installed.
  • unable to share/unshare documents with archived users
  • activity::postImage failed to process the image if image URL contained any invalid characters for the file name
  • activity::postImage failed to process the image if image URL contained any white spaces for the file name
  • profile code's fullName and fullCode only includes the name and code of the immediate parent
  • Fixed a problem that could create duplicate auto key values when using date/time parts. The problem related to rollover values being triggered on instance local time instead of UTC time.
  • Duplicated emails in mailbox view
  • If user notification flag was coming as use_default the flowcode was sometimes setting it as false


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