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Email routing request

Dan Munns

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Couple of of other things I have picked up on.

* How do you assign a customer to the automated request?

* It is taking out any attachments.



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Hi @Adam Haylock

The customer should be picked up from the email address (assuming that the email address is attached to a user, if not the customer will be blank)

I have found that it doesn't always add the attachments under the 'attachment' label in Service Manager, but when I open the email the attachment is there. As I said it doesn't always do it and I assume it how the file is attached or because it was attached to an email which has been forwarded a couple of times before it hits the Service Desk mailbox.

One thing I have been asked for is the ability to send an email from a personal address rather than the shared mailbox. I know in Supportworks we all had a mailbox we could send from as well as the Service Desk one but no such functionality seems to be present in Service Manager.

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On 03/02/2017 at 11:14 AM, Adam Haylock said:

@James Ainsworth

That would be great if the routing rules could simply select a BPM

I have mine all setup using a Request Catalog and therefore BPM but I cannot get it to kick the BPM in.  So it wont assign to an analyst or set the category.

Any ideas?

I have also noticed that the request comes in with the 'source' as blank


Also, looking at our calls it seems that if it doesn't attach the email attachments to the call it has source as blank.

If it successfully attaches the files it has the source as Email.

Maybe it is hitting an error when logging and doesn't fully log the ticket?

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@Dan Munns that would be best.. If can also give us a request reference and roughly when it was logged and the issue occurred so we can review the logs... On a quick thought, we do have a max size limit for file attachments (I think by default is 10MB) so if any attachments exceed this size they will fail to attach...

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Guest Paul Alexander
On 2/2/2017 at 0:34 PM, Dan Munns said:

Hi @James Ainsworth,

Loving the change so far. Just one tiny little change I would like to see.

Would it be possible to add a fourth visibility option when you are updating a catalog item?

At the moment you can set it to Portals .. Service Desk .. Both

Can we have 'Emails' added to it so that items made for email templates don't show anywhere else?

Some of our email alerts require actions but the issue will only ever be able to be logged via email so having the item on the service desk may cause confusion and lead to tickets being raised incorrectly




Hi @James Ainsworth, @Dan Munns


Sorry to jump in on a thread (which seems to have crept a little bit!) but I was wondering if there was any movement on the idea of getting a 4th option when selecting the visibility of a Catalog item (and adding an 'email' option)?

We're now using the email autologging, which is great, but it does mean that the analysts now have a list of Catalog Items which they can see but which they shouldn't necessarily use when logging tickets from phone calls etc.

So, for us, a 'new' option to have CI's available only for emails would be great.




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