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Simple Forms - Custom Created forms that can be reused


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I have a request to make:

With a lot of services, there needs to be consistency between them all. I am proposing for there to be a new area in the Service Manager called "Simple Forms", similar to "Simple Lists".

Using the same dialogue options as creating Customised Forms within the Progressive Capture, but with additional features such as to be able to "Add Attachment", "Customer Search" etc in addition to the custom questions.

Once saved it could be called in the Progressive Capture via a "Simple Form" node.

Copying and Pasting is great, but I need to change some wording across all the forms... it will take a long time to go through each Progressive Capture to amend a few things...

And it would be nice to be able to group things under a single form that could be changed in one fell swoop... such as having a "Note" (read-only multi line) at the top with the "Add Attachment" button underneath the "Note".



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