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Change Request - Default team assignment


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I am in the process of implementing our service catalogue and setup my BPMs. However I am facing a massive of work and maintenance. Let me give you a bit of context:

As of today we have:

  • 114 services
  • 461 catalogue items
  • 20 teams

We managed to rationalise our BPMs to only 8


  • Any support team member must be able to see all the requests logged in the system (100% transparency)
  • Auto assign request to a team based on catalogue item


  • no services have a “Supporting team(s)” setup (see requirements above)
  • Each service can be supported by multiple teams
  • Each catalogue item is supported by a single team


  • In the BPMs, it would require at least 20 “conditions” with very long list for each criteria (461 to be precise)
  • Everytime a catalogue item is changed or added, all BPMs will need to be updated accordingly.

Proposed solution (see attached document Hornbill - Default team assignment.pptx):

  • Add a new field “Default assignment team” to the catalogue item
  • This new field would be optional
  • It would be populated by the list a teams (as declared under the Organisation)
  • If "Supporting teams" are setup, available values would be restricted to the "Supporting teams" setup
  • By default, the system would assign the request to that team (if value specified)
  • BPM can still override the team assignment
  • This would not impact the current functionality of the field "Supporting teams"


  • Straight forward assignment with no impact on securities or "support teams"
  • Can accommodate special cases (by overriding in the BPM)
  • Less maintenance of the BPMs (every time a new catalogue item is changed or created)

Is this something possible to do? I am more than happy to discuss it in more details if necessary.

Thanks for your consideration.


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