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Human Task fails to create

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

Apologies for the number of topics raised in the last couple of days.

I was trying to change the assignment of a human task in our new starter bpm and it kept returning back to the IT Service Desk when I set it to 3rd line and saved it.

I deleted the task in the hopes of creating a new one with the correct assignee but now the BPM fails with the following error:

Operation[task:taskCreate2] The specified group 'undefined' could not be found

The task is set as attached

So 2 issues here really

1. Unable to change task assignee

2. Unable to create new tasks with assignees



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Hi Dan

Apologies for this we have identified the issue where the group Id was not correctly being set and a fix is rolling out internally for validation now. 

I will post a reply when the fix is pushed to live (Either this evening or first thing tomorrow)

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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