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Raise New button not working

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

The procap used by the 'Raise New' button for service requests isn't using the correct progressive capture form.

I have changed app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newServiceRequest to the correct procap and it doesn't use it. It is the same form as our 'Raise New' Incidents which works fine.

This has only started happening today as yesterday it was tested by one of my analysts and was working fine.

It should follow the stages attached but instead goes like this:

Customer Name; Summary/Description; Logging Category (which I believe is the default newservicerequest procap)




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Sorry, button two.

Having had a look into it a little more the field app.itsm.progressiveCapture.newServiceRequest is being ignored and it is using the default form.

This was tested by editing the default form and the edits show when logging a call with button 2.

Button 1 works as it should.

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I think this can be closed now Victor, thank you.

I was going to record the steps for you but it seems to be working now. It may have been something to do with the admin update today as at around 3pm I was unable to add a manager to any of my users but that resolved itself at around 4:30pm with me doing nothing (I was writing another post but then checked it to get a screen cap and it was working again, I didn't even refresh the browser)

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