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There is no "direct" functionality to achieve this, there is a workaround to this, you could amend the application setting for the archived email folder (screenshot attached). By default emails applied to request will be moved to the folder specified by this setting. Changing this value to Inbox will "keep" the email in Inbox folder.



EDIT: Another option to access the original email attached to the call: 

You can also access the attached email from the request timeline. When an email is attached to a request, the "More Actions" button will have a link to "View Email". This will open the original email that was attached to the request.


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The problem I have is that there is a date and time in the original request that I cannot view.  On the whole requests that are raised from email messages are fine and we know how to view the original email but I am unable to fulfil the request above as that is stored in the link - is it possible that there is some functionality that will display calendar entries because I believe we were sent an invite to this meeting request.

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