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Resolution dates incorrect

Dan Munns

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Hi Dan,

I would be interested to see where you have your BPM workflow nodes for stopping the response and resolution targets and if there are any conditions set for these.

The screenshot that you have supplied is showing the results of the response and resolution targets which can be different from the date that the status of a request has changed to either resolved or closed.  Marking the completion of the response or resolution targets is controlled as part of the associated BPM Workflow.  The workflow nodes for stopping the response and resolution targets can be placed anywhere and can be set to only mark as completed under certain conditions.  For example a support person may have resolved a request, but in order for the resolution target to be met the support person may have to action some other things like send a confirmation email or check with the customer that the provided resolution has worked, or possibly some people may want the resolution to be marked when the request is closed rather than put in the initial status of resolved.

In the timeline you should also see when the status was set to Resolved.  You can filter the Timeline to just show the resolved entry to show when the status was set from Open to Resolved.  Does the date and time that the request was resolved line up any better with the resolution target?





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Hi James,

The resolve timer is set to stop as soon as the resolution is input. It may be the resolve timer is showing the auto close date (which is set two days after the resolution for incidents) or it may be the SLA timer run out date, to be certain I will have to investigate more.

Either way I would expect it to show the date and time the call was actually resolved rather than auto close or SLA timer dates.

See my resolution stage BPM attached.


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I also spotted this today when looking into something else, and found it confusing as like Dan I would expect to see the date it was actually resolved on, not a date in the future.  (Our resolution timers stop after the resolution has been entered)  I'd be interested to know when this is fixed.



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@Tina.Lapere we have a published defect for this (https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/2/known-issues/). I have enabled "I'm Affected" option for you so we are aware you are impacted by this.



This is only a display issue. If you have reports for SLA these will not be affected as long as you use h_dateresolved and h_dateclosed vs. h_respondby and h_fixby.

h_dateresolved and h_dateclosed will store the actual date/time when the request was resolved/closed. 

h_respondby and h_fixby will store the SLA target date/time which is what is now visible on request details.

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