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error sending email from request view

Ralf Peters

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Hi ,


we have some analysts that  getting errors when sendeing an email from the request view this morninig .

a FlowCode Exception.

Email Error Message.PNG


if another analysts tries the same action on the same ticket , it works , all role assignements are the same ??


any advise where to look ?






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Now that we have identified and fixed the problem I wanted to provide you with a more detailed explanation of the problem, how it came about and what we have done in order to ensure the problem does not occur in the future. In deploying the latest release of the Collaboration Core we unfortunately introduced a defect that prevented from sending emails from some applications, Service Manager was impacted.  The problem came about because of a mismatch between the version of the platform API and the new version of the user app. The user app and client libraries assumed a specific feature from the platform was already available but it was not present and the effect was the platform wat unable to select the from address when sending an email.

Traditionally the platform/API runs ahead of all other development but recently we have been advancing on our dev stream faster and in this case we failed to have suitable dependency checks in place at the release stream level - which meant core library changes were published in advance of the feature being available on the platform/API.   This was a failure in our deployment process which we have identified, and have now put steps in place to ensure that these dependencies are enforced so publication will be prevented when any such dependencies exist in the future. 

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused this morning, we take the quality and reliability of our service very seriously and feel it is very important to be transparent and open with our customers.

If you have any specific questions about this I will be very happy to answer them. 



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