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Get Questions Issue

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I am having problems with our instance and am hoping someone can have a look for me.

All of our SRs use the same first stage in the BPM. This stage checks for authorisation, checks to see if it has been marked as an emergency request, assigns a priority and team and starts timers.

At the moment whenever I create a new BPM the 'Get Request Questions' seems to fail and will not see the correct questions.

Questions are set as follows:

Q1 - h_summary - free text - Hidden from form (used to add form type into summary)

Q2 - Emergency Request? - Static check box - visible on form

Q3 - Departments - Dynamic check box - visible on form

Q4 - Additional Info - Multi line text box - visible on form

The decision node should query Q2 and then if it has been set pick the correct path but at the moment it always selects 'No Match' no matter what I do.

Also the decision node for Q3 only works if I set it to Q2, I thought that this was due to Q1 being hidden but all of my other BPMs (historical) at set to see the hidden question as Q1 and they all work fine.

For any Hornbill guys who see this and can access our instance the BPM in question is called Telephony Test 1.

I have checked that the form the BPM queries is correct and all other settings are the same as all the other BPMs we have.

Any help would be appreciated




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