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documents for basic users


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The current document manager implementation does not extend to basic users of guests. There is a roadmap item to make it possible to mark a library as Public, then share a document with that library and these would then be visible/accessible read-only to both basic users and guests.  We will need to look at this requirement in more detail (which I will do) before I can be more specific about viability/timescales, but at present this is not possible, only collaboration users have access to documents in Document Manager


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thanks Trevor. That doesn't really work for us - we want the ability to send a link to a specific faq or article to customers. IE - here's a link to the article showing you exactly how to do this. Not all services will be customer facing either, as we are looking for simplified portal options so as not to confuse people.

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we too would be very interested in being able to publish to Basic Users, i thought it was working  but  just found out today that they can't read our FAQ ( Ooops ... ) .

We have PDF\Docx   guides and forms that we  want to offer to our Users .




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Hi Guys


this post was last updated a while ago... so just to confirm, is it still the case that basic users (i.e. customers) can not view documents stored in document manager. and we also cannot upload or link these documents via the service desk?


like @Ralf Peters we'd like to be able to refer our users to guides or forms


this would also tie in nicely with a 'cancel request' node in the pro-cap - something ive mentioned previously in another post.




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Hi all,

We (@m.vandun and me) would also like to add our names to the list of people who would love to be able to refer our users to the Hornbill stored documents! The FAQ is not really suited for copying and pasting dozens of documents into.

Being able to mark a Library as public for customers of a certain service would also be terrific. This would allow us to create a (semi-)proper Knowledgebase for our customers.



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