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SQL update to records


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We imported all our old data from SupportWorks in Service Manager but the way we were using SupportWorks we didn't often resolve calls we used to just close them instead

We've now changed the way we're handling calls and we set them to resolved and then let the customer close them or let them auto close after x days

In need to report on the resolved date for the calls which is ok for anything we've closed within Service Manager but the h_dateresolved field is blank for thousands of records

Would it cause any issues to run an update query to set h_dateresolved to use the data in h_dateclosed for closed and resolved calls where h_dateresolved is blank?

Is this the SQL I would need to use?

UPDATE h_itsm_requests
SET h_itsm_requests.h_dateresolved = h_itsm_requests.h_dateclosed
WHERE h_status = 'status.closed' AND h_dateresolved IS NULL

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