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recording escalations


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Just starting to configure HB and I have a simple scenario that I cannot figure how best to progress. Our printers are all managed by a third party. A user will call up and state the printer screen requests an engineer with fault code XYZ.

How do you create a ticket that shows it has been escalated to a third party and we are awaiting an engineer to attend?

thanks in advance!

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Hi Psybox,

There are various ways to show calls logged against suppliers or third parties in Hornbill. Some potential ideas:
1) Use the "External Reference" attribute to record the supplier and reference number - this can be sorted on and filtered in the request list. 
2) Create a custom field on the request and link to a simple list - which can contain a number of suppliers, which analysts can select from when recording the supplier information. This can be reported on. 
3) Use a Board which contains lists referencing your suppliers - and add requests to the board and relevant lists after logging with the suppliers. This provides a holistic review of all requests that are currently open and logged with suppliers or third parties.

I hope this helps



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Hi Brian,
We have the exact same process with our company and have used custom progressive captures, simple lists and automated emails to the supplier to service these requests.  The email responses then feed back into the ticket automatically.  Further to this, we explored the idea of this ourselves (went down the route of dummy operators, contacts, custom priorities etc.) but we went with option 1 and marked the ticket as either Open (i.e. awaiting feedback) or On-Hold to represent awaiting a supplier to arrive, the closed once they had resolved the fault.

p.s. I'm sure Bob stole my idea on option 1 as this wasn't suggested by Hornbill when I raised this :) 



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