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@Victor Could you advise on another Variable query...

We don't seem to be able to use the  {{.H_fixby}}  variable, when the email sends it doesn't give a date, it just reads  {{.H_fixby}}

Also, is there any plans to have the   {{.H_status}}  variable just show the status?  At the moment it reads  "Status.Open"  when I feel it should just say "Open"

Thanks very much, 



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@ojenkins I need to look into "h_fixby" query, to be honest I am not clear how this should work as I did not have a chance to test it...will do this as soon as possible. However in regards to the "h_status" you could have your customised text by using email template ESP conditions:



So you can have a condition to check for the value of "h_status". If the value is: status.open then display the text "Open" instead of the actual status value. Same for other status values like: status.resolved or status.closed.


Also you can include may conditions if you really like to be creative for example also check if "h_owner" has a value and if it does not, then display for status a text like: "Open and not yet Assigned"... feel free to use your imagination here as desired ;)


EDIT: some spelling mistakes (too much or not enough coffee)

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