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Emails - Lowercase


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I have seen an issue whereby when we seen emails to users that are not from an email template the Case changes.


I typed

Test Resolution to check to see if the case changes

Email sent

test resolution to check to see if the case changes


Please can this be looked at as it doesn't look very professional.

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Hi Kelvin,

Can you let us know where you are sending the email from.  Is this being sent from within a request, directly from the shared mailbox, or from an automated email? From your description where you mention ''Resolution" I'm assuming that this is an automated email sent on resolution of a request. 

DeadMeatGF is correct that these are commonly passed using a variable.  You can change the case of the variables in order to control the case.  The variable for including the resolution is  {{.h_resolution}} which can be rewritten as {{.H_resolution}} to enforce the capitalization.  There is a default email template called Resolution Notification.  Check if this is the template that is being used and that this variable has a capital H.  



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