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Auto Provisioning - service subscription


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I'm in the process of testing Auto Provisioning, which I've got working but have hit an issue that will prevent us from using it. The problem being that there doesn't seem to be a way to automatically subscribe users to a service.

The one field that I can see in the User Template that we could potentially use for this is 'Site' - but that isn't one of the service subscription options. The Subscriber options being Company, Department, Team, General, User, Contact, Organisation and All Contacts

Is there currently a method to automatically assign a Company or Department via Auto Provisioning? If not, could Site be added as a Subscriber option?



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Hi Carl,

Thanks for your post. There are possibly two options we can work on to achieve this.  We have added a change proposal to allow a site to be added as a subscription entity to a service.  This is still very early in its planning and isn't scheduled for development as of yet.  

I will also investigate the options that we can look at as far as linking an auto-provisioned user to a group (company, department, team).



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