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set a call to auto-close after a period without a task

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Hi guys - does anyone know if theirs a way of auto-closing a call (from resolved to closed), without having to have a human task associated to it?


currently we mark a call resolved, a human task is created which can allow the user to close the call manually, or if not, the task is set to close the call automatically after 3 days.


ideally, we'd like to mark the call as resolved, and have it close 3 days after resolution (unless closed manually), but without the associated human task.


we've found the additional human task to be quite cumbersome. it heavily dilutes the 'notfication' list to the point of making it unuseable, and also causes issues around other users trying to close or re-open calls where the task is still present, as only the task owner (or admin) can complete the tasks, and the task has to be completed before the call can be re-opened, we've also tried assigned the tasks to admin to alleviate the notifcations it produces, but this causes issues when non-admin analysts want to re-open a call.


our current flow looks like this, and our task content is also attached.



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Hi Gary,

There is an old automated bpm task that is capable of performing the action you would like. You'll need to enter the expiry period (3 days in your case). The issue with using this option is that if a call is reopened (as shown in your bpm), the 'closure timer' will not be removed which could potentially cause problems in the future. 

There has been some discussion internally around introducing an 'expiry param' to a number of the bpm automated tasks, such as 'suspendWaitForClosure' which would cater much better for your need. I'll raise this with our development team for consideration as I appreciate that using tasks in your scenario is far from ideal.


Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.55.17.png

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The two nodes that you posted look OK to me.   The one thing that may need closer inspection are the expression on the Decision Node.  It does look like you are using the standard options and not a custom expression which should be OK.


As the requests are not expiring automatically we will need to assume that there is something not quite right with the "expired" branch.  Also, I believe the 100 hours for the expiry uses the Working Time Calendar so 100 hours would not be 4 days but rather it could be 12 days if you have 8 hour days set and then throw in some days for the weekends too, do depending on the day that the request was raised it could be as much as 16 days.  

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