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Quick Request Templates

Dan Munns

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Have the quick request templates been removed from use?

I had created some for our password resets and now when you raise a ticket the templates don't show up so we cant use them.

Templates for daily issues such as password resets would make life so much easier so I hope they aren't gone and have been moved or it is something I have done which can be reversed.



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Hi Dan,

I don't believe there have been any changes made in this area.  Provided you are logging an incident or service request and you have existing templates then they should be made available on the "Request Details" form within the progressive capture.  

When you manage the templates do you still see all of the templates that you created?

Have you made any configuration changes around which progressive capture (PC) process is in use when logging the request?  First step would be to check which PC process is in use when logging and check that it is using the "Request Details" form where the templates should be shown.



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I have made no changes other than removing all but one of the templates to create new ones. I can still see the template when I manage them.

I usually see them at the bottom of the box on screenshot one

The PC I am using for incidents at the moment is screenshot two but this hasn't been changed





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