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Gamification - Awarding Achievements

Martyn Houghton

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I try to work our how you award achievements to uses in Hornbill. I tried looking on the Wiki and the Forum, but there does not seem to be any details on how they are awarded.

I sure I am probably missing something simply here but if you can point me in the right direction.




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Hi Martyn,

All you need to do is just open co-workers list and press "award" button next to your colleague name. 
Once you do it you will see a popup where you need to choose category and fill reason field.
After clicking OK award should appear on your colleague profile page in achievements tab.

Kind Regards,



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Unfortunately your achievement data are not set.

To be able to do it you need to have assigned a role with application right “canManageAchievements” (just create one like you see on attached screenshots). Once you do it you will find a new link in your core application icon.




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Hi Martyn,

Just to make it clear, to manage Achievements you can login with a user that has the Admin Role and that will be enough. If you don't want to grant a specific user all the rights you can create be more specific with a role and create a new one as Miro suggested.

But in general, we suggest customers to use the Admin Role for this otherwise we can end up having many many roles, each for a small peace of functionality. That's why you have the option to create such roles if you want.

Hope this helps,


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