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Organisation Portal Access link - Permissions

Martyn Houghton

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I am trying to determine what additional permission I need to grant my 1st Tier team in order for them to have access to the 'Portal Access' link shown under Requests on the Organisation view. I have given them  the standard roles of 'Organisations Admin' and 'Contacts Admin', plus a custom role of containing the Service Manager permission of 'managePortalSettings', but they still do not get the 'Portal Access' Link appearing so are not able to set up users to view all the organisation requests.

In order to for the link to appear I have to give them the 'Service Desk Admin' role which contains additional permissions I do not wish to give my 1st Tier team.



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Hi Martyn,

The application right that is needed is the one that you have already mentioned which is the managePortalSettings.  I've done some tests and had the same result as you did.  I've asked for some input from the developers to see if we are missing a right or if there is possible issue.

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Hi @Martyn Houghton

I have tested this again by creating a new role and adding the Service Manager application right called managePortalSettings.  I then associated a user  to my new role who had no other role other than Collaboration and the user immediately had access to the option to enable or disable access to the organizations list of requests on the portal. 

If you have some time, would you be able to test again to see if you are now able to set this up?

Kind regards,


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