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Email Routing - Attachments


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I have start playing with email routing and have managed to set up a rule to auto log an SR for a particular subject line however it doesn't add the attachment to the call. Am I missing something.

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@Kelvin The auto responder just applies the textual updates, with a link back to the original email, at the moment. Improving this, which includes applying attachments, is on our list of things to do. It's not currently in our 90-day queue, but might not be too far off.

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Sorry to revive such an old thread but I am needing to attach files to a new ticket that has been created via the Email Routing option... it's a very specific email that comes over with 3 files every night so would need these files to be attached to the call.

There are no hidden attachments (signatures, images) in the email except for these 3 files.

Can you advise if this is now possible to do? Or has development not started on this yet (understanding that other things can be a higher priority)



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Another thing that would be useful - using my real example above, it would be great to auto-link a document to the tickets raised from these emails as well, due to how specific they are, the procedures will always be the same.



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We have recently provided an update in the Service Manager build 1816 that allows you to enable the adding of attachments to a request when the request is created or updated from an email.

Creating a New Request

In Administration under Home > Applications > Hornbill Service Manager > Email > Routing Rule Templates, you can now enable an option to include attachments that have been sent with the email on the new request.  This will apply for each Routing Rule Template where it has been enabled. 


Updating an Existing Request

When an email automatically updates an existing request using the Routing Rules, you can have the attachments that have been sent with the email, automatically added to the request that is being updated.  The Service Manager settings are:

app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.IN  - Add attachments when updating an Incident

app.email.routing.rules.update.addAttachments.SR - Add attachments when updating a service request

These setting apply to ALL requests of the specified type.



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