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Chart Widget - Data Label Text Size

Martyn Houghton

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When using Charts in the dashboard the data label text size is too small to read when displayed on a large screen. Resizing the graph and putting each graph on it own dashboard in the slideshow still does not increase the size of the data labels, just the width of the chart elements.


Can a change be raised to allow control of the text size of the data labels for the Chart widgets, so that we can increase the size of the text to make it readable on a large screen from surrounding desks.




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Hi Martyn,

So i have added the fusion chart data font sizing (it allows values from 0 to 72). However you have to use with a bit of common sense. If you have a chart with lots of bars on it  (which you shouldn't have as charts should contain a limited set of data) then there will be no physical space for the labels to appear so fusion skips labels. See attached screenshot.

The 2nd screenshot shows labels where there is only a limited number of bars and in your case should do the trick.

The option to set the font size is under "chart settings" - "Axis Options" - new field "Font Size (0-72)"

Look out for this in an upcoming release.





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