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Complete Activities - display of and sorting by completed date

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment completed activities displayed down the right hand side when viewing a request appear to be sorted in 'Due by' order. It would be really useful and more logical for if for complete activies the 'Completed On' field is displayed and this used to determine the sort order of the completed activities.

We use 'Resolve By' date and time from the request when generating the activities, so a number of activities generated by the BPM process can have the same 'Due by' date and time, where as 'Completed On' shows them in the true order they where completed.



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Hi Martyn,

As Victor mentioned, he and I were discussing this very same thing a couple of days ago.  I would agree that under the completed section it would be of more value to show them in the order that they were completed and to display the date/time when they were completed on.  I will discuss with the development teams.



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