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skipping of standard mandatory forms in hornbill


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guys i know there is similar issues being batted around, but where are we with a fix for the  system skipping mandatory process capture forms?


ive noticed a few times now that our pro -cap is skipping over mandatory standard forms (e.g. request details) - this form is set to mandatory already, and because its a standard from we cant include the option to never skip (which was added recently),


can i confirm this is on someones radar to fix as its becoming quite a nuisance, it used to just be the attachments standard form which it continuously skipping, but more and more its skipping the request details form which is absolutely essential to be populated.

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@Gary@ADL we've been working hard to fix this and there's just a bit more to do as it's involved a few teams making changes it's taken a bit longer than we'd like.

Martyn is right, it will attempt to auto complete some stuff which is why you see the skipping but the need for this will go away in the near future. I can't give an exact time scale but we hope to have this sorted in our next couple of releases.

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thanks for your replies guys :)


we have the request details after the service selection, so it goes;

1: select customer

2: select service

3. request details or custom capture form etc


we have to have it in this way because as you say, depending on what service you select you could be taken down a custom pro-cap which may auto-fill these boxes for you.

and thanks guys, will keep an eye out for the new releases :)

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