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Retrospective "Raised On" Dates/Times for Requests

Michael Sharp

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Guest Ehsan

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your post and I hope you're well!

I am afraid it is not possible to change the 'Raised By' Date/Time as this causes a change to the history of a request and hence may cause disruptions and inconsistency to events (such as Escalation Triggers, Assignments, Activities and other dynamic operations that are carried out by BPM) that follow the course of raised requests. Another point to consider is that this information is recorded automatically (timezones considered, which would be complex to handle if we allow users to manually modify Date/Time of this particular field) and while we've had a use case to modify information such as Customer and Priority, we haven't had one for modifying the Raised By field. Could you please describe the scenario that you've in mind and why would you like to make such a change?



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If you've received a personal email asking you to raise a job then it's perfectly proper that the "Raised by" time is the time at which you action that request.

Taking a rather stupid example, if you were microwaving a ready-meal which stated it took 4 minutes on full power to cook, you wouldn't expect it to be ready 4 minutes after you decided that you were having that meal for tea, would you?

Foolishness aside, this is more a scenario for expectation management - your agreed SLAs with your customers have to be clear that a personal email does not constitute a job request, and that should the call be raised from such an email this is a courtesy and as such the call "timers" will only start once the email has been received and acted upon.
The easiest way to sell this to customers is to ask them what happens if they send an email while you're on holiday - you can't action an email you don't receive because you're away for two weeks, can you?

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