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Is there a way to multi-select emails?


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Is there a way to select multiple emails without individually clicking them. 

We've had a bad virus on a laptop, and it's sent over 600 emails, and is continuing to.  Do I really have to click the tiny click box on each one to delete it?

Also, as the page refreshes as another email comes in, everything freezes and my selection jumps about the page. 


Any advise greatly appreciated, and I could be here all day ticking them one at a time. 





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@ojenkins you can click/select on the email on top then scroll down to the bottom of the page or keep scrolling to the last email you would need to select. Then on this one SHIFT+click to select and it will select all emails between the first one selected and the second one selected. Hope this makes sense :)

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Hi Omaha,

 multiple emails can be selected by checking one email, then holding ctrl+shift and checking an email further up/down the list. In this case all the emails in between will be selected too.

If you want to disable inbound email, then the system setting found in Hornbill Administration Home > System > Settings > Advanced and filter for  mail.inbound.enabled, can be switched off until you have dealt with the virus/cleared your mailbox. Do of course remember to re-enable this again.



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