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Service Manager 2.29 release available


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Dear all


This morning we released our new version of Service Manager 2.29. This is now available for you to update in Hornbill app store. Below is a list of changes and fixes introduced by this version:

NEW: Comments can be added to an existing workspace post through the Business Process Manager
NEW: You can now specify the owner of a service
CHANGE: Clickable links to posts and requests when the business process engine posts to a workspace
CHANGE: You can create Views for requests that have a status of Cancelled
CHANGE: Improved how attachments are processed when applying emails to requests. If the same file name is detected, the email ID and 5 characters are appended to the end as a guid. Only the first 50 are processed for performance, but this can be increased by changing the application setting servicemanager.email.maxAttachmentsToProcess
CHANGE: You can now branch on catalog name in Progressive Capture
FIX: There are now more checks to make sure that the correct request type is being raised via portals
FIX: The resolve tab wasn't visible in some cases when looking at a request in the portals
FIX: Users teams and supporting teams are considered when selecting closedByTeam, resolvedByTeam and reopenedByTeam
FIX: The priority and team columns were missing in the export list
FIX: Resolved an issue with incorrect results presented on charts drilldown
FIX: Cannot unset drop down custom fields
FIX: Changes to lists on board page not reflected when editing board details
FIX: Unable to see updated resolution details in request timeline
FIX: Showing database value instead of priority name when editing existing views
FIX: Categories could not be unselected for services and the category form in Progressive Capture form was always showing an error
FIX: Resolved an issue where resolved, closed, canceled published requests would still appear in portal search results
FIX: Setting the initial priority to an existing request was not updating the timeline
FIX: When looking at the expanded details of a service, the arrow was not positioned correctly
FIX: Supporting Teams and Service Subscribers are now ordered alphabetically in the Service Details
FIX: The Favourites tab on portals home page would grow slightly when you hovered over it
FIX: Removed persistent validation error in the Schedule action
FIX: If a message was too long for the autoresponder to deal with, it would not apply the update at all. Now truncating content so that it fits, link to the original email can be found under the 'More Actions' menu
FIX: When printing a request, all of the sections are consistently formatted
FIX: Showing friendly icons for all post types in the timeline of a request
FIX: More information is given to users when there's a inactive or deleted Progressive Capture associated with a Catalog item. The Catalog item is hidden in the portals if this is the case
FIX: Favourites button in Portals is now disabled temporarily when adding / removing
FIX: When clicking on the email address of the customer raised by of a request, it will now check whether to use the built in email client or not
FIX: In some cases, the Business Process Manager could not progress on resolution of a request
FIX: When using the portals search, the list of FAQs wouldn't scroll to the correct one
FIX: Escalation action details not correctly displayed in service levels summary
FIX: Action buttons removed after copying custom filter with charts
FIX: It was sometimes not possible to export the request list for certain date time columns
FIX: If you had a service and a team in a views condition, it would only take the service into account
FIX: Recipient was shown as undefined in some cases when trying to send email notifications to teams
FIX: Business Process Manager broken for calls logged via Guest Accounts
FIX: Removed ability to sort by department in Request List as it is not possible to do so
FIX: Increased updated team ID column to 255 characters to handle longer team IDs
FIX: Better appication handling if profileCodeGetList has no results in Service details > Request Configuration tab.
FIX: Added an exception handler to handle a situation where a user does not have any groups (such as a system user like SYS:AUTORESPONDER)
FIX: Name of board in boards list not updated after editing board name
FIX: Improved the layout of the Portals Service view for mobile
FIX: When the auto responder failed to find a match it did not always end gracefully
FIX: Views were not always respecting the request types you have access to
FIX: The wrong site is shown after a request has been logged, but editing reveals the correct one
FIX: Questions are not being shown if you only have one question in a form
FIX: If you specified the same condition more than once, it was not able to filter the request list correctly
FIX: Response time list not refreshed when deleting the last entry
FIX: Through selecting a Catalog in the Portals, Progressive Capture does not branch based on Service ID
FIX: In some cases, the request type could not be selected
FIX: The request list is not ordered properly by "Reopened"
FIX: Connections customer selector is partially displayed in Internet Explorer
FIX: On hold times are now shown in your local time format
FIX: Improved how custom filters work when a user has no teams
FIX: Profile selector shows a "no categories" message instead of being hidden when no categories are defined
FIX: The site selection was not always updated if you changed it during Progressive Capture
FIX: Timers now allow you to use any calenader as your default in Service Manager
FIX: Resolved an issue with incorrect results presented on charts drilldown when services were used in the Views builder
FIX: Counters against services in the portals were not round in Firefox
FIX: Customer questions do not show for service requests in the Customer Portal
FIX: Resolve tooltip now says "Close" when a request has been resolved
FIX: Buttons in the On-Hold popup were different sizes to each other
FIX: Different sized images were shown for customers depending on if they had or didn't have a profile image
FIX: Contacts Organisation / Company is presented when applying an email to a request making it easier to distinguish between contacts with the same names
FIX: Views now handle the Services and Teams you support, including requests with no Service or Team, when they are not defined in the view filter
FIX: The Request list was too wide in the portals
FIX: Requests tab against a service not shown in the portals if there are only closed requests
FIX: Resolved issue when uploading restricted files during log request
FIX: Improved code handling when the emails list is displayed
FIX: When updating the app, if you've deleted the default asset types they will no longer be added back
FIX: The ability to share a snippet with a team is not working

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PATCH 2.29.4


This patch addresses an issue where analysts were unable to log, update or resolve/close requests if the analysts only have Incident Management User and/or Service Request User roles assigned.

If your service desk analysts are configured to only use these roles for request management please update to this release.

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PATCH 2.29.5


This patch addresses an issue whereby the request list failed to load and eventually crashes the browser. This does not affect all instances as it occurs in a specific circumstance and also occurs only when using Chrome browser. If you are affected by this issue please update to this patch to have this fixed.

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