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Human Tasks - Customize

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Is it possible to capture any information during a Human Task.


I am building a BPM for Change Management and I want to add a Human task to Ascertain which Servers would be involved (Multiple tick box) and force the user to submit an attachement.

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Hi @Kelvin

There is actually the ability to add check boxes to tasks manually using the Add Checklist option, if you create an task from within the User App - though unfortunately this is not yet available to configure off the back of a BPM Human Task. 

However - check lists in tasks have been designed to signify a number of events/activities that should be taking place as part of that task, as opposed to providing a multiple choice option for someone to complete. If you have a check list, you will notice a small green "Progress Bar" appears every time that you check one of the boxes to indicate the progress through the task:



This is why this might not be the most suitable option for your requirement as you are not going to be expecting your users to tick all of the boxes. 

I'm thinking a Custom Field on the Change Form might be better suited to your needs here. You can configure a list of items (using a simple list so its really easy to add to/remove from for admin maintenance), and mark the requirements on the Change itself rather than in a task:


I wonder if this might work for you?

Kind Regards




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